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Oh my, with a bunch of sickies here I really am glad I finished Sarita yesterday, now I get to lay back and be sick for a couple of days, I am brewing some ideas that I hope to get down soon, meanwhile, I need to go to bed. g’night for now. Advertisements

Owly Designs Sarita pattern front page, originally uploaded by *mia*. How excited am I! I’m finally finished and am feeling rather pleased at the moment, I really tweaked the heck outta this sucker, and my poor owlets and mr.Owly ended up catching colds this weekend, so I may be in a bit of an about […]

When I start to work on things that are important to me, and that I am really into crochet wise I tend to let the perfectionist in me rear it’s ugly head. Sometimes it’s good, somtimes it’s not so good. So between deciding on writing this pattern and now actually doing it I’ve gotten very […]

Have you seen Patricia Waller’s work? How neat is that! Definitely not for the faint of heart, but boy if I made the steak and potatoes maybe mr.Owly wouldn’t mind all the crocheting I’ve been doing lately. So I gave myself until 9 to lollygag online, then from 9 until I get into bed I […]

Almost finished to be named mexican amigurumi doll 4.22.2007.JPG, originally uploaded by *mia*. So I think I’m happy with this face for her, in my mind she’s a girl so she needed a younger looking face, and I was having tons of problems figuring out how I wanted her eyes to look. Poor mr.Owly probably […]

So I bought some of those Clover crochet lites hooks, I have yet to try them out, but when I do I’ll let you know what I think. One quick observation was that I hope shaft doesn’t break, it’s very bendy, or at least it was when I was trying to bend it back and […]

adding a leg 4.16.2007, originally uploaded by *mia*. So I promised some pictures tonight, and even though it’s actually tomorrow timewise, I haven’t been to bed yet- I’m on my way as soon as I finish this post. adding the skirt 4.17.2007, originally uploaded by *mia*. Here is where I began the skirt, in the […]