Currently causing sleepless nights…


sewing the hair to the pigtail location, originally uploaded by *mia*.

…is this pattern I’m working on. Have you ever noticed that when you’re trying to make hair for a doll it is depressingly hard to find instructions on how to do it? Seriously, I have spent months looking for information on attaching hair, I don’t know why doll makers are so cryptic about doing doll hair. I guess I’m not part of the secret society, so I don’t have access, but really, I did spend so much time looking online, in bookstores, and the library, you’d think I’d be an expert by now. Finally, over on craftster I got help from lunascura where she sent me over to her website for a very nicely illustrated weft tutorial where I got some nice ideas on how I was going to do hair for my doll. I ended up making a cap/wig to go over the head and backstitched up the middle of it after attaching it to the head, and am now trying to figure out how I’m going to style the hair and fasten it well enough to withstand the maniacal handlings of an eleven month old baby.


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