Sarah’s whale


Sarah’s whale, originally uploaded by *mia*.

Sarah’s whale closeup, originally uploaded by *mia*.


The little amigurumi blue whale I made for my mom for Christmas, and *finally* remembered to take a picture of it while I was at her house, and had my camera- all at the same time!

I had ended up using Aunt Lydia’s cotton yarn for this and I can’t remember if it’s mercanized or not, but it was really slippery, and after working a couple of rounds of the pattern I had decided it wasn’t big enough for my liking, so I ended up using two strands and a larger hook. All in all I’m pretty pleased with it; my mom’s a perfectionist and I have some of her tendencies so I didn’t finish this sucker until the night before Christmas, I actually stayed up working on it pretty late. I think with this little guy I got her on board the “crochet is not a waste of time” train.

I forgot to add credit where credit is due- I bought this pattern from Keymistress, thank God someone had made a whale pattern, I don’t know what else I would’ve made my mom for her gift!


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