So I bought some of those Clover crochet lites hooks, I have yet to try them out, but when I do I’ll let you know what I think. One quick observation was that I hope shaft doesn’t break, it’s very bendy, or at least it was when I was trying to bend it back and forth to test it’s strength.


The light seems bright enough, I’ll know better when I’m trying to crochet dark yarn, or in the dark, whichever happens first, or better yet, if they happen at the same time! It also felt pretty comfortable in my hand, of course I mainly use the regular Clover Soft Touch Crochet hooks anyway, those and a set of Hamanaka Rakuraku double ended hook set(the link is from the google translation page, I hope it works for you) I got off of etsy, and see advertised in the back of some of the japanese crochet books that I have.

Another thing, I’m having trouble with the face of my little doll, I love the way the body has come out, as well as the head to body ratio, I’m just stuck on the face. I keep crocheting eyelids in different shapes and colors because the eyes look too naked without anything behind them, but something about every shape I’ve made is frustrating me. I also keep embroidering a nose and then being disappointed and attacking with the seam ripper, I just really want to make a good pattern that people will actually want to make a doll from. Hopefully tonight I’ll get some time to post at least one picture of the still headless body, and get the face to the point were I’m at least comfortable, if not pleased to finish it.


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