Wooo Hooo! My very first pattern


Owly Designs Sarita pattern front page, originally uploaded by *mia*.

How excited am I! I’m finally finished and am feeling rather pleased at the moment, I really tweaked the heck outta this sucker, and my poor owlets and mr.Owly ended up catching colds this weekend, so I may be in a bit of an about to get sick haze too, I do like how I wrote the pattern out, so if you’re interested in making Sarita please check out my sidebar, and click on Owly Designs.  Thanks so much for coming and visiting too! I plan on writing up a .pdf with images to link to that shows explicitly how I did the hair for my little doll, I know how troublesome it is trying to figure out what to do.  I hope to get to it after the kiddies get well and mr.Owly gets back from his Iowa trip next week.


2 Responses to “Wooo Hooo! My very first pattern”

  1. Congrats! She looks awesome!

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