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mustached El Ciclón Panzón luchador amigurumi vertical, originally uploaded by *mia*. This is the latest guy I’m working on, my little boy said the other luchador was lonely and needed someone to wrestle with, so here’s his adversary. I’ve got to finish the face though, argh! these face issues drive me crazy.  I’ve filled in […]

I just got back from a weekend away and in my email box was an invitation to join Ravelry.  I’d been pretty excited about joining since reading about it in Kim Werker’s crochetme blog, and I had jumped onto the waiting list as soon as I finished reading their intro page.  I’m finding it to […]

So I’m interested in learning every type of needle art, some more than others but embroidery has been on my mind lately, and then just today I found this really neat crafter/embroiderer named Flor via Flickr. with french knots, originally uploaded by floresita.   As you’ve probably guessed I’m a Latina myself and I’m not […]

These first two books are a recent purchase of mine, I’ve yet to receive them, but for some reason I’m really into motifs and lacework right now, and to make it even harder on myself let’s try to decipher it in a completely different language too!   Japanese Lacework Floral Design 100 Crochet Pattern book […]

El Rayo Azul Luchador amigurumi pattern front page, originally uploaded by *mia*. Lucha Libre! Here’s my new amigurumi pattern cover, I thing he’s hilarious, my son thinks it’s a super hero. Talk about having a hard time with the face again! I don’t know why I have such a tough time, I think it’s because […]

Luchador from behind, originally uploaded by *mia*. Here’s the back view, I was having trouble last night uploading a big bunch of photos on flickr, so I didn’t get this one up until today. If anyone has suggestions as to a name for this super macho guy, let me know please! I’m writing the pattern […]

Luchador Amigurumi, originally uploaded by *mia*. So amigurumi tends to lean towards cute and girly which my little boy has noticed with increasing frequency, so in an effort to placate and amuse him I made him a luchador, or super-lucha-hero as he refers to him. I’m in the midst of writing the pattern for him […]