Lynn, originally uploaded by angry chicken.

How neat is this? I’m so envious of people who sew, it’s always been a closet dream and I always feel like I never have the time to learn, or the space, or the patience, but I desperately want to! I really would love to make something like this for my sweet little girl (who’ll be 1 on Friday, sniff, sniff), maybe sans chicken, I think it’s super cute but I’d do a different applique- maybe a chubby little owl?

Anyway- seeing something this fantastic gets me all worked up in a dither about learning a new skill, meanwhile I’m stuck on the face of the pattern I’m working on, sigh, again! I think faces are going to be my achilles heel, it definitely feels that way.

By the way, go check out angry chicken’s blog- she’s amazing! She has a book coming out that I can’t wait to buy, so much so that I’m considering pre-ordering on amazon, something I’m not fond of doing, but I really want this book.

Really, really want it.


One Response to “Lynn”

  1. Mia, I sew and quilt and am often envious of those who crochet, knit, and embroider. I’m considering purchasing Amy’s book, it’s been well-reviewed a few places I’ve seen.

    Your designs are amazing. The pieces you’ve designed are just wonderful. Love the niňos y los luchadores! I wish I crocheted even more now! I’m writing up patterns for my ball dolls ( and have appreciated your comments on pattern writing.

    One more, and I’m done: THANKS for the piece on how to make doll hair. I’ve probably done the same searches as you have and come up empty. I hope to have a fully coiffed doll to share a little later this summer!

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