Motifs and Lacework, oh my!


These first two books are a recent purchase of mine, I’ve yet to receive them, but for some reason I’m really into motifs and lacework right now, and to make it even harder on myself let’s try to decipher it in a completely different language too!


Japanese Lacework Floral Design 100 Crochet Pattern book
10 digit ISBN- 4021904026
13 digit ISBN-9784021904028

I am really looking forward to getting these, when I actually do get them I’ll be sure to write a bit about what’s in them, I know how important those are when you’re trying to decide whether or not you want these guys.

Japanese Book of Motif Designs Ondori
10 digit ISBN 4277101704
13 digit ISBN 9784277101707

Below this sentence is the book that I actually have in my possession, it has some beautiful and amazing motif examples and patterns, and what I especially love is that they show a crocheted example of the motif by itself and then together with a bunch of the same so you can see how they look together, my design challenged brain needs and loves that kind of help!



Japanese Crochet Patterns Book 300 Motifs & Edgings
10 digit ISBN 4529042332
13 digit ISBN 9784529042338



One Response to “Motifs and Lacework, oh my!”

  1. 1 Julie V

    Hi. I am looking to buy this book, you have a picture of it here, called ‘Japanese Crochet Patterns Book 300 Motifis and Edgings’. Do you know where I can buy this book from? I am trying to find it and having a hard time finding this book. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you JulieV.

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