Ravelry – where my stitches at?


I just got back from a weekend away and in my email box was an invitation to join Ravelry.  I’d been pretty excited about joining since reading about it in Kim Werker’s crochetme blog, and I had jumped onto the waiting list as soon as I finished reading their intro page.  I’m finding it to be a really interesting place, it’s providing a place to sift through all the information regarding yarn, gauge, patterns, crocheting and knitting provided by it’s community.  I just joined and already was able to post information about my own patterns with pictures linked from flickr and a rss feed that posts my latest blog posts in my particular notebook section.  Discussing the projects I’m currently working on whether they’re knitting or crocheting, and then include all the information about what hooks and yarns were used and any notes you’d like to include about the project.  The status can be marked including your progress, when you started and completed the project, rate it up to 5 stars, gauge it’s difficulty, and connect blog posts to it.  You can also search patterns, yarns, people, -alongs, events and forums, it’s a great place as far as I’ve seen.  I’m off to search there now!


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