El Ciclón Panzón luchador amigurumi face


El Ciclón Panzón luchador amigurumi face 6.1.2007, originally uploaded by *mia*.

So I’ve finished up the face on this little guy, I’m a lot more pleased how this one came out than the first luchador, I may end up altering the pattern so that the first one resembles this one a bit more, though I think we’ll probably skip the mustache, only one luchador should have one.

I’m having a lot of fun trying to figure out new things to do with these guys’ faces and bodies. I’ve decided that it’s in the best interest of everyone involved to have all my little guys’ pattern’s tested, that way I can gauge my writing style and see if anything about my pattern writing needs tweaking. I’m actually having the luchadors both tested by the same people, that way they can give me a good comparison of the two. I probably will change bits of the first luchador pattern, there were some things about him that I wasn’t content with and I think I’m doing a better job with more practice.


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