El Ciclón Panzón luchador – finished!


So here he is, I’m definitely liking his face a lot more than the first guy (is it than or then? I’m always confused). He’s being tested right now, and I think I’m going to be changing the other Luchador’s pattern too, just a bit to fix the feet and improve on the face, I tried to keep the first one all yarn but I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome so he’s going to have a felt face too.

El Ciclón Panzón luchador full length, originally uploaded by *mia*.

At the moment I’ve been working on a little mexican boy to compliment Sarita, and a little prairie girl for my aunt. I think I’ll be writing those patterns out too. I get a little frustrated from time to time with the actual lack of time I have to work on these things and still try to be a good mama and wife, my list of pattern ideas just keeps getting longer and longer!

Yesterday I was over at Flickr, uploading pictures and I was looking at everything that can be done with my photos, it’s seriously so easy to get sucked in and lose track of time. I did end up ordering some mini cards from Moo with some of my crochet pictures on them, I’m super excited to get them! I have no idea what I’ll do with them, but I’m excited nonetheless. Well, one owlet is napping and the other one is “hungy” so off to the kitchen for me!


One Response to “El Ciclón Panzón luchador – finished!”

  1. Your superheros are so awesome! I love the mustache on this one!

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