Finished for the most part.


front in the shade, originally uploaded by *mia*.

His body and sarape are finished I’m trying to decide on his mouth, I had asked for suggestions over at Craftster, and I’m thinking that his mouth is going to be black. Now, is the mouth going to just be a little embroidered line or do I do it in felt as an open mouthed smile?

I am glad with the way his hair turned out, I didn’t really make the hair shape too well around where his ears would be, but nonetheless, I like how the front of his hair looks and where his part is. The sarape was really quick to make, though I think if I write the pattern out I’ll suggest putting the head on after making the sarape, it wasn’t the easiest to make around the head/neck.

I’ve also been thinking about writing out the pattern for the little Selah doll that I’d made last fall, I need to modify it more because I don’t like the increase/decreases, I prefer multiples of 5 rather than 6, it makes the math way easier, and I like the roundness more. I know it’s attainable with 6’s but I’m partial to 5’s, just some of my number silliness.


One Response to “Finished for the most part.”

  1. Oh, Mia, his hair is the BEST. ♥the extreme side part.

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