A bit of magazine annoyance


Okay, so I’m not even close to the coolest person ever, but really, Crochet! magazine sort of embarrasses me as a crocheter. I stewed for a couple of days wondering if I should or shouldn’t write about it, but last night I was rearranging and reorganizing the area in the dining room where all my craft supplies are and had to put magazines away. Anyway, I’m not a fan of ruffling feathers, but the designs in that magazine are just silly, I keep reading the letters to the editor and everyone writes how modern and fabulous the designs are, but I’d be embarrassed to wear anything from that magazine, let alone make anything for anyone else. Their tag-line is “defining crochet”, but seriously, no wonder the image of crochet amongst other crafters is as undesirable as it is. I joined the CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) last year, since I am very much into supporting organizations that raise awareness and promote crafts/interests that I participate in. Since joining and receiving their official publication, I’ve complained to high heaven to mr.Owly about the lack of good patterns in the magazine. The thing is, I think that designing is a difficult and worthy endeavor, and I hold designers in high regard, I just am disappointed that the designs in that publication are so dated in their actual uses/fashion sense and the colors used to show the designs.

Especially when I started crocheting again, I had just had my daughter and was so impressed and inspired by all the knitting for babies that I would see in magazines and books, so I couldn’t wait to find similar items that were crocheted, but sadly there just isn’t anywhere close to as many crochet patterns that are modern and designed with wearable color palettes. I also know that in the latest magazine there was actually a call for submissions, but I hesitate about submitting anything because with my opinion of the magazine being what it is, I’m not really interested in being associated with it. Anyway, I’ve got to get going, my little girl is due to wake from her nap any minute, but I just wanted to remind everyone who is reading and taking offense, I’m not trying to upset you, this is just my opinion. Also, I really did think for a while about posting this because I dislike not lending my support to a craft that has underdog aspects, but it’s something that truly bothers me, and this magazine seems to be one of the reasons that the negative perceptions that surround crochet still flourish.

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