Selah’s doll wearing a sailor’s dress


sailor dress Selah doll lit from the front and left, originally uploaded by *mia*.

So I wanted to try out making a doll that resembled my daughter’s look on her 1rst birthday.

Probably my absolute favorite dress that she’s had up until now is her sailor dress, also some of my favorite photos of her are in this dress, so I tried recreating it in crochet. I’m not done with making the grosgrain trim that’s should be on the blue, but I don’t have much more to do with that. I have to do her arms and legs with little white shoes with blue trim, and then I’m going to attempt her hair. She still doesn’t have much, but I’m tossing around ideas still on how to make her little wispy curls.

I’m just so sucked in with these little dolls, they’re so fun to make and try to come up with different ideas.

Today my sister and I drove into LA to see about some books at Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore that I knew had some great crochet books. It was ridiculously hard to find this tiny little street that was in the middle of downtown, luckily I’d worked down there 6 years ago and was able to keep my bearings enough to get close enough that my sister was able to spot the street. It was seriously sooo much fun looking through the books, I only got two, but I wrote down tons of ISBN’s so I know which one’s to get next. We also got some really cute little whale magnets and stationary that is the sweetest we’d ever seen, it’s so easy to get sucked into all the great things a bookstore like that has to offer.

Japanese Pot Holders Heart Warming Life Series, originally uploaded by *mia*.


Anyway, I got a book that’s just doilies and then another one that is potholders, mainly vintage patterns but so sweet. I’ve waffled over getting the potholder book for a while, but it reminds me so much after my grandma’s and my great grandma’s and what they had in their kitchen’s that I finally decided to get in and attempt potholders. So I got my little girl to sleep and realized that it was early enough to dash over to joann’s to pick up some thread to get started, so tomorrow on the way to the Reagan library with my brother in law and his partner I’ll try to crochet in the car, sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. We’ll see, and now I’m off to bed since all my spelling and grammatical errors seem to be trying to tell me something. 🙂


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