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I finished yesterday and the girl wore it as soon as the stabilizer was all removed! The image is kind of wonky because I took it not realizing the top part was out of focus, so maybe I’ll update it the next time it’s clean 🙂 quick addendum, the colors of DMC floss that I […]

So I’m feeling a little overloaded with crochet, I’m working on a commission for someone and have been feeling like it’s not fun to crochet right now. I know how much I like it, but I need a couple of days away for the love to come back. I’ve been wanting to try out embroidery, […]

Alexa’s penguin, originally uploaded by *mia*. Just wanted to let you know that Ana Paula has this pattern free on her blog now. Along with some other free patterns, you can find it at Ana Paula’s Amigurumi Patterns & Random Cuteness– check it out!

El Rayo Azul with his *new and improved* face, originally uploaded by *mia*. This guy’s face was bugging me, and I was so happy with my panzon’s face that I wanted a similar one, though unique to the personality I envision him having- you know, a bit of a preener, a bit of a strutter, […]

Just wanted to let you know, my family is going to Iowa for the rest of the week due to a death in the immediate family.

So I’ve been back since late-ish Thursday night, I’ve just been particularly tired and uninspired.  I think I’m getting a bit overwhelmed because I keep starting something new and not finishing anything.  The doily blanket is taking it’s toll, seriously, it’s taking forever! I’m working on round 22 of 26 rounds and it’s so time […]

I think. We’re definitely leaving for San Diego tomorrow, I just don’t know when the Mister will be going down and picking the kidlets and I up, because then I think we have weekend plans at my aunt’s out in LA county. So I’m thinking of you all, I’ve been working on a doily from […]