Out of town tomorrow ’til Sunday


I think. We’re definitely leaving for San Diego tomorrow, I just don’t know when the Mister will be going down and picking the kidlets and I up, because then I think we have weekend plans at my aunt’s out in LA county. So I’m thinking of you all, I’ve been working on a doily from that book I bought last week, though it’s not in thread, it’s in worsted weight cotton. I was going to try to make a doily/Summerish blanket for my cousin’s baby shower but it just didn’t happen, there’s 26 rounds to this doily and I was at 11 the day of. So it may just be a stroller blanket thingy for my little girl for the summertime, it’s starting to take forever as the rounds are getting bigger and bigger.

Japanese Crochet Lace Doily, originally uploaded by *mia*.


The one I’m working on is in the second row, fourth from the left. I tried choosing one that wasn’t ridiculously holey, but it’s a doily *shrug*, I think it’s beautiful, and I hope it turns out well. We’ll see.  Anyway, to bed I must be going, (that sounded kind of Yoda-ish), I’ve got to pack and hit Costco before getting on the road tomorrow!


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