Feeling a little crochet burnout, dabbling in embroidery


So I’m feeling a little overloaded with crochet, I’m working on a commission for someone and have been feeling like it’s not fun to crochet right now. I know how much I like it, but I need a couple of days away for the love to come back. I’ve been wanting to try out embroidery, I think pretty much ever since I’d seen Floresita’s work months back, so I’ve decided to give it a try.

This is a little blue bird on one of my daughter’s onesies, with her name underneath. I’m almost done, I’ve got to attempt french knots in the center of each flower, and finish up the bird’s eyes, but other than that I’m finished!

Here’s an image of the what I used to make this cute little thing:

I found the pattern from following Flor’s links to Needle Crafter, where there are a substantial amount of free patterns to try out. For her name I just printed out her name in one of my favorite fonts and traced it, along with the bird, onto some Sulky Super Solvy and then just used that as my template over the fabric to embroider. It’s addictive! I was able to finish most of it on our trip down to San Diego to go to Sea World on Saturday. I’m happy with the way my first attempt is coming along, I thought I’d have a difficult time with it, but I think I’m catching on pretty well.


One Response to “Feeling a little crochet burnout, dabbling in embroidery”

  1. You did a beautiful job! It is really cute. I have not used the split stitch for outlining. I usually use the stem stitch. I do like how the split stitch looks and will be trying that out soon.

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