Little boy


So my little guy is very aware that I make a lot of girl things and he’s quick to point out that I’ve made dolls that look like his sister- so where’s his?

Between hacking bouts last week I was able to work on this little guy and make him look somewhat similar to my little boy. He’s wearing his favorite shirt with his favorite elephant on it, though I’m not enough of an artist to replicate the detail of the elephant in embroidery. Right now he has shorts, but I think I may lengthen them to make jeans, I’ll show pictures when I’ve decided on the end result. I’m planning on embroidering them a bit more to make seams and hems to make them look a little more like his clothes.

Faces always give me a bit of trouble and I can never make the same ones twice, but especially with boys it’s harder for me to make an expression that I want and like for the type of doll I’m making. I ended up making his body from the bottom up since it’s easier for me to figure out the body and clothing as I go along, and I wanted to make the shirt look like an actual t-shirt insomuch as I wanted it to be loose from the arms and body.

His hair is as close as I could get it to looking somewhat similar to my own little guy’s hair, though as of 3 days ago, he has much shorter hair, but there was no way I was ever going to attempt short hair – longer is so much easier!

I do feel bad about not updating more regularly, I sort of wanted to start this blog not only to document my crafting/crocheting growth/evolution, but also as an exercise in writing on a regular basis again, since I feel disappointment upon reading any recent writing samples of mine as compared to past academic and workplace examples. Not that my writing would be necessarily academic in nature, but that I would just have practice doing something other than mainly talking to my little ones day in and day out.

Unfortunately, I feel evasive, and since I haven’t updated as often as planned, or I’d like I keep finding myself avoiding even coming here. I don’t want that to be the case, and I think I need to remember this is an outlet for me, not a chore. Even now I keep finding myself distracted, so for the time being I’m going to get the kidlets to bed and hopefully get better at this with practice.


2 Responses to “Little boy”

  1. 1 Diana

    I really wish I could crochet that well!

    I saw this on Craftster earlier–it’s super cute. šŸ™‚

  2. He’s adorable! As one is NO experience in embroidery, let me say that I think you’ve done an incredible job. He’s such a sweetie. Great job!

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