– I think I may have too many sometimes.

When people are demanding I don’t ever really feel like complying. I would feel abashed asking someone for something in the way some people tell me that I need to tell them how to make something. The thing is, I’m generally a ridiculously helpful person IRL, especially with strangers, it’s like I can’t help myself. I don’t know if it has to do with my old job as a reference librarian, or if I chose that occupation because that’s the way I am. Either way, both online and in real life, when people demand help from me or tell me what I need to do in order to give them the information they would like I tend to get bucky and make it harder for them than it needs to be. I’m aware that this particular trait of mine isn’t something that would endear me to others, but really, how hard is it to ask nicely?

I think especially online it’s hard to get your tone across, and I realize some people are just abrupt and don’t mean anything by it, but then don’t you think they should work harder at trying to make others understand that they aren’t being rude? Or am I being irrationally sensitive? I’ve been getting lots of requests for a amigurumi hair tutorial, and I was planning on getting one done once I uploaded all my photos onto flickr, I mean, I even took photographs every step of the hair way as I made my little guy’s doll with a tutorial in mind. I still plan on doing it, but really, if you want something, and are asking to be given it free, don’t demand it. How hard is it to be polite?

What’s even funnier is that the latest demand came from a grandma! I expect polite behavior from everyone, but I have higher standards for older folks, and it’s not that politeness shouldn’t be required of everyone, but generally it seems like with older generations it’s more of a given. I just don’t get that people act like it’s their right to whatever you have to offer, I don’t know, is it just a me thing?

Anyway, I still plan on doing a tutorial, hopefully soon, but I just wanted to get that off my back since I’m not going to be confrontational on the craft forum that I was on, since that would be rude and embarrassing to the other person.


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