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Meet Faith!


She loves being sweet and pretty and all things pink! Her favorite thing to do is to dress up in her flower costume. So this is the latest little girl I’ve been working on. My pattern’s almost completely done, I’ve just got to go through and add images. Tonight I was putting the finishing touches […]

Here’s what the first two pages of his pattern look like: I’m already finished with another one- this time a little flower girl.  I’m typing her pattern up and I still have to take pictures of her, but I’ve started on another one still.  I guess that’s what happens when you only watch a kid […]

According to the Boy at least. Here’s the latest pattern that I’ve come up with. Here’s a side view of his little belly and big ‘ole head. He was super quick and easy. Definitely a nice aside from the more intricate patterns I’ve been doing lately, and both kidlets seem to like him a lot, […]

I’m thinking I’ll be able to take pictures soon, maybe tomorrow-ish it my little maniacs cooperate, they haven’t been the happiest campers of late, and the Boy has a cold that’s wreaking havoc on his personality and ability to listen to me.  Of course I’m not so sure its just the cold, but that’s what […]



It always seems like such an effort to get a pattern done you know? I don’t like mistakes and it bothers me when I find them in other people’s work so I try to go over my patterns again and again. Plus, I like a certain aesthetic. I know it doesn’t always appeal to everyone, […]

I bought Ana Paula’s little elephant mama & baby pattern two weeks ago, but didn’t want to work on it until I was finished with my football player, so since we went to visit my aunt I was able to work on it over there each night after the kidlets were in bed. I wasn’t […]

So I was caught off guard last weekend when football season started, I don’t know why but I thought I had at least another week. I’d been talking to the mister about making a football player since May and time just seems to get away from me. He was pretty sweet about letting me work […]