The amigurumi boy now has pants!


Boy amigurumi now in pants, originally uploaded by *mia*.

I just wanted to show the little guy now that he’s wearing pants, I think I like him better this way.

We’re at my parents house sitting for the weekend, so the picture wasn’t taken in the greatest lighting, but I wanted to stick it up here anyway.

I’ve been working on two other amigurumi’s right now, a pattern that I bought on etsy, and another one of my own design, hopefully I can get at least one finished this weekend, but the hubster is helping someone from work move tomorrow so I’m all day alone with the kidlets, which doesn’t leave much time for crochet.


2 Responses to “The amigurumi boy now has pants!”

  1. 1 sallenlouise

    I love him!!!
    My 14 year old daughter is making some female dolls…we have 3 heads, lol!! I just showed her your’s to get her back in gear, lol! (She likes yours, really noticed how he had a body, arms and legs, lol!! Ohh, and facial features!) She might pull hers back out tonight…let’s hope~

    You did a great job! I look forward to more FOs!!
    Hope you had a great weekend,

  2. 2 eve

    oh gosh, I think he looks way better with long pants!!

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