So I think every two or three days works for me


I think of things to write at the oddest times, or at least the most inconvenient.  I get in a little crafty frenzy and try to get a bunch done, and then if I happen to take a night off, it’s the hardest thing for me to get started up again.  That’s what happened to me this week.  I’m almost done with my latest amigurumi, another boy, this time UCLA themed (Go Bruins!), but I just can’t get myself settled into finishing the face.  I’m finding myself doing anything but during the few and very precious hours I have between the kidlets hitting the hay and it being my turn.

We’ve been cable free since June last year, and I guess TV free in general except for which I love to no end.  I miss being able to plop down and watch TV, but the thing is, I’m already struggling at being a good mama without the added attraction/addiction of TV, and besides, once the West Wing was canceled, I really couldn’t bring myself to support our TV habit.  Mr.Owly is even worse than I am, if he starts watching something he’s zoned out to everything around him, so it’s definitely no TV for him.  My little guy watches one dvd a day on average, whether it’s a movie or a little tv show, that’s pretty much all he gets, even though he could watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom *all day long* if we let him.  My little girl just isn’t very interested in what’s on anyway.

So, bringing my aside back into what I was originally discussing, I’ve watched Midnight Cowboy, Blades of Glory, Frida Kahlo’s A&E biography and a pilates dvd and not crocheted a thing the past couple of nights.  I need a kick in the pants, and I’m hoping writing about it’s going to do it for me.  Especially since I always start feeling a little guilty when I haven’t written anything here longer than a couple of days apart.

I have been thinking about halloween costumes for the little ones.  The Boy wants to be a whale, he waffles between an orca and a blue whale, and I just don’t quite know how I’m going to do that one.  My sister and I went to Joann’s last night to return some yarn that was the wrong color and we were looking at the clearanced fabric and saw the foam nearby and had a little mini epiphany, I’m thinking we might be using some foam in the costume, I’m waiting until next week to buy it though since that’s when I can use my gazillion 50% coupons.  For the Girl, I was thinking a peacock, she’s only one so it’ll have to be pretty sturdy, but she really likes seeing them at the zoo, and she’s always grabbing for some feathers that I have on the fireplace mantle.  I saw a clip over at Martha Stewart from her show where she made wings from wire and panty hose so I may give that a try for the feathers.  Anyway, my little break is over and I’ve got to get a baby out of the bath, the husband is beckoning!


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