Football player amigurumi


So I was caught off guard last weekend when football season started, I don’t know why but I thought I had at least another week. I’d been talking to the mister about making a football player since May and time just seems to get away from me. He was pretty sweet about letting me work on it a lot of last weekend and then this one just past, but during the week I just needed a break from the little guy, I was pretty much done, but I needed to do the finishing work, meaning the embroidery and felting and all that fun stuff that just didn’t seem very fun. I ended up making the Girl a little jacket out of fleece, I had an embroidery idea and didn’t have anything to embroider it on, so when I’m finished I might post a picture, I pretty much just winged it so I don’t know how good of an idea that’ll turn out to be.

Back to the football player, he’s done in my alma mater’s colors but I didn’t actually make it a UCLA uniform. I even made little spikes on his cleats and gave him a bit of a butt, after all, we can’t have a football player without a nice tush!

I’m not satisfied with the face, but seriously, what else is new? I don’t know if I’ll add a nose or eyebrows, he just seems to be a bit vacant.

From behind. That silly Johnson took forever, and doesn’t even look very neat, I do like the sparkly gold yarn, for some reason I didn’t realize that it was a pricey as it was. Good think I had a 40% coupon at Joann’s.

His butt cracks me up, it was probably my favorite part to crochet! Too bad you can’t see it very well, I didn’t have much time to get the pictures taken or loaded onto my computer, otherwise maybe I would’ve also noticed how dirty my lens is too, sorry.

I just wanted to toss him in because I tried to get a better picture of him too, it’s kind of hard to see his pants though. I’m definitely preferring the pants over the shorts on him, he just looks more proportionate this way.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been working on lately, I’m probably going to type the patterns out for both of these guys, just not this week, the kidlets and I are going to visit an aunt with my mom and grandparents tomorrow and probably won’t be back until Friday. I don’t know why it’s such an issue for me to type out the patterns, as I make my dolls I write the patterns out in a notebook, so I have all the information, I think it’s just such a hassle because I tend to be too much of a perfectionist and want to make sure everything about the patterns and pictures are just so.


2 Responses to “Football player amigurumi”

  1. 1 sallenlouise

    I love him!!! Fantastic job!

  2. Shouldn’t there be a little Patriot doll holding a video camera? Or maybe a little Patriot coach handing over large sacks of money? šŸ™‚

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