Anapaulaoli’s mama elephant amigurumi


I bought Ana Paula’s little elephant mama & baby pattern two weeks ago, but didn’t want to work on it until I was finished with my football player, so since we went to visit my aunt I was able to work on it over there each night after the kidlets were in bed.

I wasn’t able to make it as quickly as I thought I would, but I think it’s super cute, I forgot to embroider the mouth on it before I gave it to my aunt, but I still think it’s sweet.

When I make the baby I’ll probably make some modifications, like making the ears bigger and the legs maybe a little smaller, but it’s a great and easy pattern.  The only thing is that the Boy was upset that he had to give up his elephants, because to quote him- “but mama, elephants are my favorite aminals in the whole wide world!”  When I told him his aunt was sick and wouldn’t get better he thought it was okay for her to have this one, as long as he gets the next one.


One Response to “Anapaulaoli’s mama elephant amigurumi”

  1. 1 sallenlouise

    I love her! Beautiful color choice too!

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