okay, okay, I’m working on stuff


I’m thinking I’ll be able to take pictures soon, maybe tomorrow-ish it my little maniacs cooperate, they haven’t been the happiest campers of late, and the Boy has a cold that’s wreaking havoc on his personality and ability to listen to me.  Of course I’m not so sure its just the cold, but that’s what I’m attributing it to.  I think you’ll like the little guy I’ve come up with, he’s all dressed up for Halloween.  The Boy and I have been discussing costumes at length, he wanted to be a whale, so I’d been trying to figure out how we were going to make that, and then he wanted to be a dinosaur, but my little sister’s old costume was lent out and wasn’t ever returned so there went that! So now I think we’re at a cowboy… AGAIN… seriously, he needs to move on, he’d worn the the past two Halloween’s.

So after the aside, the new amigurumi is holiday themed, and little too.  I thought I’d make some easy ones, and this one was pretty easy, and really fast, pretty much 5 hours of crocheting for this little guy.  I know 5 hours isn’t *that* fast, but for this one, it’s a fast project.  Anyway, I’m off to bed, I need strength if tomorrow is anything like today was!


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