Grrrrr! That’s what all the dinosaurs say mama!


According to the Boy at least. Here’s the latest pattern that I’ve come up with.

Here’s a side view of his little belly and big ‘ole head.

He was super quick and easy. Definitely a nice aside from the more intricate patterns I’ve been doing lately, and both kidlets seem to like him a lot, so that’s always a good sign. Without the spikes, he’s 6 inches tall, so with them he’s probably 7 inches. All in worsted weight yarn as usual, but this time with 6 mm craft eyes. I think another reason I was able to make him so quickly was that he didn’t have any hair, but even without hair I still think he’s super cute!


7 Responses to “Grrrrr! That’s what all the dinosaurs say mama!”

  1. 1 Sooz

    Thats just the cutest thing ever! I love it!

  2. 2 sallenlouise

    Oh my, how cute! My girls just had a look and they agree!

  3. OMG How adorable!!

  4. 4 angelfire4u4ever

    He is adorable. I love his face and he looks like my grandson

  5. 5 eve

    YOU ARE JUST AWESOME!! Everytime I think I have seen it all you come with something more amazing, *sigh* gosh the internet is just full off talented people…
    Are you going to sell this pattern?
    Thanks for showing Eve

  6. 6 Diana

    Aww–he’s too cute!

  7. Very, very cute! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~clicked over from the ‘Ville!

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