Meet Faith!


She loves being sweet and pretty and all things pink! Her favorite thing to do is to dress up in her flower costume.

So this is the latest little girl I’ve been working on. My pattern’s almost completely done, I’ve just got to go through and add images. Tonight I was putting the finishing touches on her, like her eyelashes and hair, and little flowers embroidered on her leg. I wasn’t very pleased with the way she turned out before I embellished her, but she’s grown on me (pun intended!) and now I think she’s quite sweet.

I thought I’d say a word about all the names I’ve chosen to date for my patterns. They’re all named after family members so far, of course with the exception of the luchadores and the football player, who isn’t really named per se, he does have a last name embroidered on his back though. Anyway, I try to go for some assonance, and if I don’t have a name that I like that way, then I just go through my gigantic family name database and starting with my favorites (people or names) I try to see what fits. This little girl shares my youngest sister’s middle name, and so far so good. Anyway, I’m off to bed, but here’s a few more images of Faith to enjoy:


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