What to name a skunk?


I’ve made another little doll, this time a little girl wearing a skunk outfit, the hubby has the camera in the trunk of the car or I’d take a picture. I’m not quite done yet anyway, I’m figuring out the logistics of the stripe, I do think it’s pretty cute. I’ve a dearth of girl patterns lately and thought a little girl wearing a skunk costume would be cute, the only problem is now trying to name her. I could use a family name, but I don’t think anyone in my family would be happy to learn a skunk had been named after them, regardless of how cute it is. I’m debating assonance too, but I may just name her after my middle sister, I don’t know yet. I’ve figured out a different way to do butt’s too, I think for little kids it’s cuter than actually making it look like 2 cheeks. What a conversation to have about crochet, huh!

We were away for the weekend and I didn’t get much time for crocheting, though I did get a date with the hubby thanks to one of the best aunts ever! Finally the Girl is down for a nap and the Boy is watching his daily movie so I have some downtime.

I have a baby shower in two weeks to go to and we are super low on funds this month so I was thinking about making something for the baby. The mama and I were pretty close as little girls, but I haven’t seen her in probably 5 years since every time we’re supposed to see each other at some event one or the other has something come up. To make matters even more interesting, I don’t know it the baby is a boy or a girl, from the invitation it appears that they’re not finding out. I couldn’t do that when I was pregnant, to me there were already too many surprises related to pregnancy that as soon as I could find out what the sex of the baby was I did immediately! I’ll try to get back soon, I’ve got to go peel and slice an apple!


I haven’t finished the skunk, and it’s hard to see the white stripe because of the background and lighting, but here’s what it looks like so far.


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