Enoc the elephant boy


Here’s the newest of the costumed little kids, his name is Enoc, named after my brother-in-law whose missing an H at the end of his name!

I wanted to make the ears have the indentation and it took a couple of tries before getting it just the way I wanted.  The trunk looks a bit silly to me right there, but where I originally had it underneath the chin looked funny to a bunch of other people, so there’s my compromise.

Here’s the view from behind, I like his tail this way, I tried sc-ing a tail but it was too loose.

The pattern’s already finished too, I’m feeling a bit self satisfied for finishing it so quickly 🙂  I haven’t written, though I keep meaning to, but I’ve got some sickies that I’m taking care of right now, and am trying myself not to come down with what they have, changing the bedding 3 times a night is 3 times too many for me!


2 Responses to “Enoc the elephant boy”

  1. cute.. but dare I say I agree with you and find the trunk a bit weird placed there.. but then, that’s just me !
    Again, I love all your stuff !!

  2. I just discovered you blog, and wanted to pop in and say that your little guys are super cute! I love amigurumi and think yours are very original!

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