New and Improved Enoc the Elephant boy!


And now ladies and gents, for your consideration- Enoc!

I think this is probably the best one showing the trunk as I’d originally had it, I know it looks a little silly this way too, but really, where do you put it and how do you position it that it doesn’t look a little nutty? I think I’m just going to call it a day with him, and move on. Besides, I can’t do anything else to him since I gave him away at a baby shower on Sunday! 🙂 I also make a little bear hat that I only took one picture of since I was literally sewing the ears to the head in the car before going in. Talk about embarrassing, I get too stressed out when I do something like that, but what can you do? This month money is especially tight and I didn’t have time anyway with the little sickies last week to go out and get a gift, but lot’s of times I like getting something handmade anyway if the person actually knows me and knows what I like. Yeah, I’m a bit particular, and it’s sort of funny because I sometimes don’t understand when others aren’t. Anyway, here’s the hat, I think it’s cute, it’s infant sized, I didn’t measure it exactly, I just know it wouldn’t go over my 15 month old’s head without a struggle!

I’m only sorry I wasn’t able to take a better picture of it, I only took two and then had to leave before all the gifts were opened so I wasn’t able to get to it again.  I was going to make a flower and just loosely tie it on in front of one of the ears, so that if she had a boy it could have easily been  removed, but like I said, I was way too last minute.  I had actually been thinking about what to give her for a while, because she wasn’t going to find out the sex of the baby so I’d been trying to come up with unisex gifts for a couple of weeks, and I was almost done with a blanket that when I started I thought looked okay, but as it got closer to being done it was looking too girly, and what if it was a boy?  I think my gifts worked, and when she has the baby I’ll send her something gendered.

By the way, I think I may be changing blogs, I like this one and I really am a fan of wordpress, but  I think I’m going to make the move to typepad.  It wouldn’t be right away, but it’s in the planning stages.  The sucky thing is that owly is already used over there, so I can’t have the same blog name.  There will be an owl theme though, I like ’em!  Another thing is that whenever I see the word owly or hear it, I think of someone who is grumpy, and none of the other connotations that go along with it.  I already feel grumpy enough most of the time, and I don’t want to be reminded constantly.  Anyway, it’s something that’s in the works and I wanted to let you know, but it probably won’t get done until around Thanksgiving or my birthday, definitely before Christmas though!


One Response to “New and Improved Enoc the Elephant boy!”

  1. 1 Jessica

    I love your new set of kids in costumes – especially the strawberry one, it reminded me so much of the ‘flower fairy’ books.

    Just a thought about the Enoc trunk issue:

    Perhaps you could make his costume cover his face a little more, a bit like a balaclava – that would give you a better place to put the trunk! Sadly you wouldn’t get to see his sweet smile… but with the cold weather coming at least he would be warm 🙂

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