Displaced for the moment


Well, just when I was getting good and settled with writing regular post *smirk*, or at least trying, we were evacuated from our home.  There were 3 fires going on near our house and one was getting pretty close on Monday afternoon, so we were kicked out of our neighborhood.  It’s technically safe to go back home right now, but the air quality is so horrible that we’d probably be in the hospital with smoke inhallation if we tried to go home tonight.   So we’re at my parent’s, with little to no time to crochet, better air and slower internet!  Anyway, I just wanted to post a little update and let everyone know why I’ve been absent of late, take care!


3 Responses to “Displaced for the moment”

  1. YOU take care! Do I see a fireman amigurimi in the future?

  2. Oh, please be well! I’m in Southern California, too, though not in San Diego. I *am* in the middle of all the fires though, from the North, South, East and West. The air quality really is horrid, isn’t it? My daughter’s school won’t let them play outside for recess, and it’s been the third day in a row. Hopefully the weather gets a lot cooler, and you can go home again soon.

  3. 3 nicoledossey

    Prayers are with you and with all those in California displaced by the fires! Glad you are safe. Thinking of learning how to crochet just to make your dolls 😉

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