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I’m 30 today, I’m feeling way more excited than anything else to face a new decade! I’ve began a new blog- Owlishly, so all this content will be making the move over the course of the next month. I hope everyone makes the move with me, and this’ll be my last post here at my […]

I’ve been really busy this month, and kept meaning to post images and haven’t. Some tough news, my aunt, who also was my midwife for the births of both of my little ones passed away in early November. Then later during that same day, my step-grandma’s sister passed away. Not the best way to start […]

I don’t mind so much, I really would have liked to have gotten the japanese craft books, the Nov/Dec. Sampler and really, really, really would have loved the gift certificate to Mahar Drygoods– I love Robert Mahar’s store! It’s funny because I have almost all of the other prizes offered 🙂 And had my doll […]

Faith dressed in a flower costume, originally uploaded by *mia*. Hi everyone! I’ve been distracted as many of you may know with my aunt’s passing and funeral and I didn’t even realize until today that this little girl is a FINALIST for a Holiday Softie Award in the Doll Dress Up category! How neat is […]

Here are the twins, I’ve absolutely no time to write, but I’ll share images and be back soon!