5 Responses to “November, a contest of sorts to help me out, and questions for you!”

  1. Oooh, I like a challenge and am also very bored! I may have a go at doing that. What is the font you used exactly? Might not be great as I don’t have many things with me here in Spain to make it look very impressive.

  2. Neat! I used Edwardian script for the O, and then Zaphino for the rest of the wlishly part.

  3. 3 michelle

    Hello! So I stumbled upon your blog after being stunned by your creations over at Craftster. πŸ™‚ I might have a go at this owl logo thing. I wasn’t sure, though, if you were looking for someone to just design an owl or an entire banner. Alrighty, I’ll get to designing asap!

  4. ahha I was just going to ask about the font! I found your designs through Ravelry and your little creatures are absolutely adorable. I’ll be sending you a banner soon!

  5. 5 michelle

    i’ve gone ahead and emailed you the banner! please let me know if you do like it, but want a little tweaking.

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