Francisca the butterfly & Laura the ladybird


Here are the twins, I’ve absolutely no time to write, but I’ll share images and be back soon!


5 Responses to “Francisca the butterfly & Laura the ladybird”

  1. They are just precious!!!!!!!!!!! I am constantly in awe of your work.

  2. I saw your amigurumi dolls on craftsters, this is possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen crocheted!

  3. 3 Susan

    These are the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. Do you have a pattern for sale or would you sell a completed one? I have a very special little baby (her mum, one of my best friends, died of cancer just before Christmas) that I have been looking everywhere for a ladybird knitting pattern for. Ladybirds are her symbol (her room, etc. is decorated with them), hopefully one like this would bring her more luck for the future.

    I don’t actually crochet but if I had this pattern I would learn!

    Many thanks,

  4. 4 debra cornwell

    i would like to know where i can get the patterns for the lady bug and flora the butterfly thanks debra cornwell

  5. 5 Anna

    Hi, your ladybird is really very beautiful. I would like to learn to make your ladybird. Can you help me? Do you have some model? a scheme?


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