Busy, busy November!


I’ve been really busy this month, and kept meaning to post images and haven’t.

Some tough news, my aunt, who also was my midwife for the births of both of my little ones passed away in early November. Then later during that same day, my step-grandma’s sister passed away. Not the best way to start the month off, and then my sister who’d been in the hospital on bedrest for the past 40+ days had her little baby on November 20th at 30 weeks, instead of the hoped for, at the very least, 34 weeks! My poor little niece will be in the NICU for the next month or so, so needless to say, I haven’t had much time to post.

I’ve changed the snowflake girl’s hair, then made a little bee girl named after my other sister, and was working on a turkey before all the stress and drama of last week so that pattern may be put on hold until next year. I’ve also had quite a bit of submissions for the logo design, so I’m going to have to decide about that one rather soon-ish.

My youngest sister and I ended up actually going to the Felt Club XL on Sunday in LA, it was pretty interesting, I’d never gone before and just sort of wanted to see what it was all about. We got there too late for the gift bags *snaps fingers*- nuts! I did get to meet Robert Mahar of the neat-o torpedo Mahar Drygoods fame! I also saw first hand the completely amazing crochet trees made by the fantastically talented Nancy Palmer of Mumblepeg. I also was able to go to Kinokuniya and buy some Japanese crochet books on the way back home. Then Wednesday DH wanted to celebrate my birthday early since he had Wednesday off and he has to work on my actual birthday. So we went to Costa Mesa and I got to go to Kinokuniya again to get a couple more books that they didn’t have at the one in LA, and we hit IKEA to get the little guy’s birthday gift.

Anyway, gotta get going before the babe wakes up from her nap, so here are the latest-

with her darker hair, and then-

the little bee, named Alexa after my youngest sister.

Hopefully I can get back a lot sooner than it has been!


5 Responses to “Busy, busy November!”

  1. My heart goes out to you! A really tough month. Big mental cuddles from over the pond. XXX

    You creations as always are simply stunning!

  2. always beautiful!
    don’t stress over the turkey we understand!

  3. I said a prayer for you. I am sorry you are having such a rough couple weeks. I just started a blog and your little cutie dolls are one of my first few posts. I just love them. You are very talented. My mom already bought the yarn to make them at Christmas. She will be buying a bunch of patterns soon. I can’t wait!


  4. Thank you all so much, I appreciate your heartfelt words!

    Nicole, thanks for the feature on your blog too, and when I went over there to see I noticed your post on Samaritan’s Purse- we do tons of shoeboxes for Christmas every year, it reminded me that I have to get started on it! 🙂

  5. 5 Yarn

    Sweety works
    Yarn Paradise

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