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It always seems like such an effort to get a pattern done you know? I don’t like mistakes and it bothers me when I find them in other people’s work so I try to go over my patterns again and again. Plus, I like a certain aesthetic. I know it doesn’t always appeal to everyone, […]

So I was caught off guard last weekend when football season started, I don’t know why but I thought I had at least another week. I’d been talking to the mister about making a football player since May and time just seems to get away from me. He was pretty sweet about letting me work […]

Boy amigurumi now in pants, originally uploaded by *mia*. I just wanted to show the little guy now that he’s wearing pants, I think I like him better this way. We’re at my parents house sitting for the weekend, so the picture wasn’t taken in the greatest lighting, but I wanted to stick it up […]

Little boy


So my little guy is very aware that I make a lot of girl things and he’s quick to point out that I’ve made dolls that look like his sister- so where’s his? Between hacking bouts last week I was able to work on this little guy and make him look somewhat similar to my […]