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I don’t mind so much, I really would have liked to have gotten the japanese craft books, the Nov/Dec. Sampler and really, really, really would have loved the gift certificate to Mahar Drygoods– I love Robert Mahar’s store! It’s funny because I have almost all of the other prizes offered 🙂 And had my doll […]

Owly Designs El Ciclón Panzón luchador amigurumi pattern front page, originally uploaded by *mia*. So I already had my celebratory post about finishing this guy, but he’s been tested too now, so he’s definitely finished, pattern and all! I seriously crack up every time I see this guy, I think it’s the mustache that does […]

So I’m interested in learning every type of needle art, some more than others but embroidery has been on my mind lately, and then just today I found this really neat crafter/embroiderer named Flor via Flickr. with french knots, originally uploaded by floresita.   As you’ve probably guessed I’m a Latina myself and I’m not […]

These first two books are a recent purchase of mine, I’ve yet to receive them, but for some reason I’m really into motifs and lacework right now, and to make it even harder on myself let’s try to decipher it in a completely different language too!   Japanese Lacework Floral Design 100 Crochet Pattern book […]



Lynn, originally uploaded by angry chicken. How neat is this? I’m so envious of people who sew, it’s always been a closet dream and I always feel like I never have the time to learn, or the space, or the patience, but I desperately want to! I really would love to make something like this […]

Over at Crochetville there’s a thread that I was reading that is titled Why are we our own worst critics? and it just totally resonated with me. I have dealt with this in every area of my life, and with aspects like academics and then work I was able to feel validated by excelling and […]

Have you seen Patricia Waller’s work? How neat is that! Definitely not for the faint of heart, but boy if I made the steak and potatoes maybe mr.Owly wouldn’t mind all the crocheting I’ve been doing lately. So I gave myself until 9 to lollygag online, then from 9 until I get into bed I […]