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And now ladies and gents, for your consideration- Enoc! I think this is probably the best one showing the trunk as I’d originally had it, I know it looks a little silly this way too, but really, where do you put it and how do you position it that it doesn’t look a little nutty? […]

Here’s the newest of the costumed little kids, his name is Enoc, named after my brother-in-law whose missing an H at the end of his name! I wanted to make the ears have the indentation and it took a couple of tries before getting it just the way I wanted.  The trunk looks a bit […]

I bought Ana Paula’s little elephant mama & baby pattern two weeks ago, but didn’t want to work on it until I was finished with my football player, so since we went to visit my aunt I was able to work on it over there each night after the kidlets were in bed. I wasn’t […]