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Meet Faith!


She loves being sweet and pretty and all things pink! Her favorite thing to do is to dress up in her flower costume. So this is the latest little girl I’ve been working on. My pattern’s almost completely done, I’ve just got to go through and add images. Tonight I was putting the finishing touches […]

I *heart* mail!


I just realized looking at the date that it’s 3 months to the big 3-0, or as I like to call it, my second annual 29th birthday. 😀 Back to the regularly scheduled programming, I was thinking earlier about all the neat things I’ve recently received in the mail and how I fail to mention […]

The boy wanted to know where his neat shirt was and since he’s been such a “wild thing” lately and wanting us to read the book every chance he gets I thought this would be perfect for him. I got a quick picture before he wanted to wear it, so maybe I’ll be able to […]

I finished yesterday and the girl wore it as soon as the stabilizer was all removed! The image is kind of wonky because I took it not realizing the top part was out of focus, so maybe I’ll update it the next time it’s clean 🙂 quick addendum, the colors of DMC floss that I […]

So I’m feeling a little overloaded with crochet, I’m working on a commission for someone and have been feeling like it’s not fun to crochet right now. I know how much I like it, but I need a couple of days away for the love to come back. I’ve been wanting to try out embroidery, […]

So I’m interested in learning every type of needle art, some more than others but embroidery has been on my mind lately, and then just today I found this really neat crafter/embroiderer named Flor via Flickr. with french knots, originally uploaded by floresita.   As you’ve probably guessed I’m a Latina myself and I’m not […]