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Owly Designs El Ciclón Panzón luchador amigurumi pattern front page, originally uploaded by *mia*. So I already had my celebratory post about finishing this guy, but he’s been tested too now, so he’s definitely finished, pattern and all! I seriously crack up every time I see this guy, I think it’s the mustache that does […]

El Rayo Azul Luchador amigurumi pattern front page, originally uploaded by *mia*. Lucha Libre! Here’s my new amigurumi pattern cover, I thing he’s hilarious, my son thinks it’s a super hero. Talk about having a hard time with the face again! I don’t know why I have such a tough time, I think it’s because […]

is at Ami List, a blog devoted to hunting down amigurumi patterns and posting links to them. It’s amazing how quickly amigurumi’s seemed to take off, I had just barely heard about them last year around this time and didn’t get around to searching for information and patterns in earnest until September. Then I found […]

Owly Designs Sarita pattern front page, originally uploaded by *mia*. How excited am I! I’m finally finished and am feeling rather pleased at the moment, I really tweaked the heck outta this sucker, and my poor owlets and mr.Owly ended up catching colds this weekend, so I may be in a bit of an about […]

So I bought some of those Clover crochet lites hooks, I have yet to try them out, but when I do I’ll let you know what I think. One quick observation was that I hope shaft doesn’t break, it’s very bendy, or at least it was when I was trying to bend it back and […]