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El Rayo Azul with his *new and improved* face, originally uploaded by *mia*. This guy’s face was bugging me, and I was so happy with my panzon’s face that I wanted a similar one, though unique to the personality I envision him having- you know, a bit of a preener, a bit of a strutter, […]

I think. We’re definitely leaving for San Diego tomorrow, I just don’t know when the Mister will be going down and picking the kidlets and I up, because then I think we have weekend plans at my aunt’s out in LA county. So I’m thinking of you all, I’ve been working on a doily from […]

These first two books are a recent purchase of mine, I’ve yet to receive them, but for some reason I’m really into motifs and lacework right now, and to make it even harder on myself let’s try to decipher it in a completely different language too!   Japanese Lacework Floral Design 100 Crochet Pattern book […]