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I’m thinking I’ll be able to take pictures soon, maybe tomorrow-ish it my little maniacs cooperate, they haven’t been the happiest campers of late, and the Boy has a cold that’s wreaking havoc on his personality and ability to listen to me.  Of course I’m not so sure its just the cold, but that’s what […]

I think of things to write at the oddest times, or at least the most inconvenient.  I get in a little crafty frenzy and try to get a bunch done, and then if I happen to take a night off, it’s the hardest thing for me to get started up again.  That’s what happened to […]



– I think I may have too many sometimes. When people are demanding I don’t ever really feel like complying. I would feel abashed asking someone for something in the way some people tell me that I need to tell them how to make something. The thing is, I’m generally a ridiculously helpful person IRL, […]

Little boy


So my little guy is very aware that I make a lot of girl things and he’s quick to point out that I’ve made dolls that look like his sister- so where’s his? Between hacking bouts last week I was able to work on this little guy and make him look somewhat similar to my […]

Okay, so I’m not even close to the coolest person ever, but really, Crochet! magazine sort of embarrasses me as a crocheter. I stewed for a couple of days wondering if I should or shouldn’t write about it, but last night I was rearranging and reorganizing the area in the dining room where all my […]

man alive!


I have been sicker than sick since Thursday and feel like finally there is an end at sight. I’ve been trying to sleep and not sleeping for days, but for the first time last night I was able to fall asleep with the owlets and stay asleep with them for 11 hours!  Tonight is another […]