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So I’m feeling a little overloaded with crochet, I’m working on a commission for someone and have been feeling like it’s not fun to crochet right now. I know how much I like it, but I need a couple of days away for the love to come back. I’ve been wanting to try out embroidery, […]

El Rayo Azul with his *new and improved* face, originally uploaded by *mia*. This guy’s face was bugging me, and I was so happy with my panzon’s face that I wanted a similar one, though unique to the personality I envision him having- you know, a bit of a preener, a bit of a strutter, […]

sailor dress Selah doll lit from the front and left, originally uploaded by *mia*. So I wanted to try out making a doll that resembled my daughter’s look on her 1rst birthday. Probably my absolute favorite dress that she’s had up until now is her sailor dress, also some of my favorite photos of her […]