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So I’ve been back since late-ish Thursday night, I’ve just been particularly tired and uninspired.  I think I’m getting a bit overwhelmed because I keep starting something new and not finishing anything.  The doily blanket is taking it’s toll, seriously, it’s taking forever! I’m working on round 22 of 26 rounds and it’s so time […]

So here he is, I’m definitely liking his face a lot more than the first guy (is it than or then? I’m always confused). He’s being tested right now, and I think I’m going to be changing the other Luchador’s pattern too, just a bit to fix the feet and improve on the face, I […]

So that’s pretty much how I’m feeling, I found a new forum last night when I had planned on spending my precious “after the babes are in bed” couple of hours working on my new doll, and trying to get the kinks out of the pattern. I am going to work on it a little […]