A great place to find amigurumi patterns


is at Ami List, a blog devoted to hunting down amigurumi patterns and posting links to them. It’s amazing how quickly amigurumi’s seemed to take off, I had just barely heard about them last year around this time and didn’t get around to searching for information and patterns in earnest until September. Then I found Etsy and really started an obsession with those super cute little patterns, Crochetville did nothing to ease my obsession either, there’s tons of stuff over there to learn and make! Back to Ami List, I’m a sucker for sheep patterns so I really enjoy having access to them grouped together the way Bethany has, I just don’t feel comfortable creating animal patterns myself and so I love finding as many as possible.

In other news, I’m working on another pattern, I think I’ll be a bit mysterious about it right now, but I just wanted to share. My sisters and brother in law are waiting with baited breath for this one, and I’m trying to decide if it’s going to be three single patterns or one pattern with three options. I’m off to work on it now for an hour before bed, sadly I only have an hour tonight since I’m still trying to catch up on sleep still, but if I can get a ton done hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures soon.

I forgot about the squidoo page I had bookmarked with free patterns too, I’m sure there’s overlap but I haven’t verified that as of yet.

And yet one more- Ana Paula Rimoli’s Amigurumi Patterns blog, with patterns for the little penguin that I’ve shown here, as well as a bear, a fried egg, cat & mouse, and a cupcake.  Be sure and take a look, she really has some of the best patterns available!


3 Responses to “A great place to find amigurumi patterns”

  1. 1 Jean

    My sister thinks amigurumi is adorable. She doesn’t crochet. Any site suggestions to start her off learning?

  2. 2 No0oN

    Jean try this link :http://learntocrochet.lionbrand.com/
    I hope your sister find it helpful 🙂

  3. 3 Nisha

    Try finding her some very simple amigurumi patterns that consist mostly of single crochet. I like the amigurumi owl on CrocehtMe: (http://crochetme.com/patterns/crochet-owl-talons). I think there are some very basic books that you could buy for her or rent for her from the library; the one I used to learn how to crochet was http://www.amazon.com/Teach-Yourself-Visually-Crocheting/dp/0764596411. You could tell her to read it and help her out if she is confused. Also you could start making a chart together consisting of the stitches shes learned. For example teach her how to make a foundation chain, and then help her bind it off. Stick it to the chart and label it. Then teach her how to make a single crochet on the foundation chain. Stick it and label it. Then double crochet etc. You may want to also label the stitch types with their appropriate abbreviations. Teach her decreases and increases and then teach her about needle and yarn sizes and weights. Take her to Jo-Anne Fabrics or Micheal’s to pick out her yarn and needle for her first pattern. Good luck!

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