I’m 30 today, I’m feeling way more excited than anything else to face a new decade!

I’ve began a new blog- Owlishly, so all this content will be making the move over the course of the next month.

I hope everyone makes the move with me, and this’ll be my last post here at my beloved, but outgrown Owly!

I’ve been really busy this month, and kept meaning to post images and haven’t.

Some tough news, my aunt, who also was my midwife for the births of both of my little ones passed away in early November. Then later during that same day, my step-grandma’s sister passed away. Not the best way to start the month off, and then my sister who’d been in the hospital on bedrest for the past 40+ days had her little baby on November 20th at 30 weeks, instead of the hoped for, at the very least, 34 weeks! My poor little niece will be in the NICU for the next month or so, so needless to say, I haven’t had much time to post.

I’ve changed the snowflake girl’s hair, then made a little bee girl named after my other sister, and was working on a turkey before all the stress and drama of last week so that pattern may be put on hold until next year. I’ve also had quite a bit of submissions for the logo design, so I’m going to have to decide about that one rather soon-ish.

My youngest sister and I ended up actually going to the Felt Club XL on Sunday in LA, it was pretty interesting, I’d never gone before and just sort of wanted to see what it was all about. We got there too late for the gift bags *snaps fingers*- nuts! I did get to meet Robert Mahar of the neat-o torpedo Mahar Drygoods fame! I also saw first hand the completely amazing crochet trees made by the fantastically talented Nancy Palmer of Mumblepeg. I also was able to go to Kinokuniya and buy some Japanese crochet books on the way back home. Then Wednesday DH wanted to celebrate my birthday early since he had Wednesday off and he has to work on my actual birthday. So we went to Costa Mesa and I got to go to Kinokuniya again to get a couple more books that they didn’t have at the one in LA, and we hit IKEA to get the little guy’s birthday gift.

Anyway, gotta get going before the babe wakes up from her nap, so here are the latest-

with her darker hair, and then-

the little bee, named Alexa after my youngest sister.

Hopefully I can get back a lot sooner than it has been!

I don’t mind so much, I really would have liked to have gotten the japanese craft books, the Nov/Dec. Sampler and really, really, really would have loved the gift certificate to Mahar Drygoods– I love Robert Mahar’s store! It’s funny because I have almost all of the other prizes offered 🙂 And had my doll not been in that category, I would have definitely voted for the doll that did win hands down.

Oh well, now it’s time to wait for spring to try again!

By the way, I’m almost done with the snowflake pattern, and I just have to take pictures of my little bee girl for her pattern to be done too, so look for some new images soon.

Faith dressed in a flower costume, originally uploaded by *mia*.

Hi everyone!

I’ve been distracted as many of you may know with my aunt’s passing and funeral and I didn’t even realize until today that this little girl is a FINALIST for a Holiday Softie Award in the Doll Dress Up category!

How neat is that!

Please go VOTE for FAITH! When I went to vote I thought I’d made a mistake, until I read the start the survey part.  I’d love all the support you can give me.  Go Faith the flower girl!

Here are the twins, I’ve absolutely no time to write, but I’ll share images and be back soon!

snowflake little girl, originally uploaded by *mia*.

So this was my contribution the the Holiday Softies Awards in the Let it Snow catagory.  I’m wondering about writing up this pattern, it took me forever to figure out the snowflake, it’s just not my thing, and I’m amazed at how easily some others whip them out.  I totally procrastinated with this too! I got it in around an hour before the deadline, because I didn’t actually figure out the snowflake until this afternoon, I don’t know why, but multiples of 6’s confuse the heck out of me and I just don’t like to think about them. 🙂

I’ve made a butterfly pattern, and a little ladybug/bird pattern but I’m not done embellishing them yet, so technically I’m not completely done.  I’ve been the queen of procrastinating lately, there’s been some family issues with an imminent death that’s kind of overshadowing everything right now, and it’s the first one in my humongous family that’s going to be someone who I grew up around, someone who has directly and indirectly influenced major events and memories in my life.

So we’re back home, we came back yesterday and thankfully with the little rain that we got, the smoke and heavy air was cleared enough to make it comfortable.  We have an older house and it’s settled through various earthquakes and decades, making it draftier and more prone to allow soot in.  Today was a clearing out day for us, getting the air circulating enough so that it doesn’t smell like a BBQ restaurant in our bedroom 🙂 I’m working on a couple of patterns right now and I’m almost finished up with 3 of them, a ladybug/bird, a butterfly & a snowflake, hopefully I’ll be finishing them up sometime this week.  Now off to bed, happily my own again!

Well, just when I was getting good and settled with writing regular post *smirk*, or at least trying, we were evacuated from our home.  There were 3 fires going on near our house and one was getting pretty close on Monday afternoon, so we were kicked out of our neighborhood.  It’s technically safe to go back home right now, but the air quality is so horrible that we’d probably be in the hospital with smoke inhallation if we tried to go home tonight.   So we’re at my parent’s, with little to no time to crochet, better air and slower internet!  Anyway, I just wanted to post a little update and let everyone know why I’ve been absent of late, take care!